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Award winning English Blueberry Wines

Award winning English Blueberry Wines


We are so pleased to announce that Blue Aurora Blueberry Wine is officially an award-winning wine! We were recently entered into the Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards, an annual competition that celebrates all that is great about the delicious food and drinks to be found in our local area.

Our category was Artisan Local Drink of the Year and the judging panel included Saturday Kitchen wine guru Olly Smith, so we were certainly put to the test. However, we are delighted to let you know that Blue Aurora came out on top, with a glorious Gold awarded to our Ice Wine! The judges described it as a 'beautiful deep ice wine. Great balance. Super pairing with a chocolate fondant… a real treat [and] a delicious avoidance of sheet sweetness… a delicious fruity velvety liquor which is easy to drink for all occasions.' Woohoo!

Meanwhile, Dusk and Midnight both came home very proudly with a Bronze each, and the Blue Aurora team celebrated with a little happy dance and a glass of Blue Aurora Ice Wine, of course!

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