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Blue Aurora Blueberry & Basil Mojito

Blue Aurora Blueberry & Basil Mojito


For the perfect post-lockdown cocktail, we’ve come up with an amazing Blue Aurora Blueberry Mojito that you just HAVE to try. Aromatic and refreshing, it’s the perfect companion for any spring celebration.

You will need (per person)…

20ml Blue Aurora English Blueberry Ice wine

60ml white rum

Juice of 1 Lime

1 tsp granulated or brown sugar

Basil leaves

Mint leaves

Soda water

Blueberries to serve


Step 1. Muddle the lime juice, sugar and several basil & mint leaves together in a jug, then place the mixture into a tall glass over ice.

Step 2. Pour over the rum and the Blue Aurora Ice wine and top up with soda water. Add in the rest of the basil & mint leaves, a generous handful of blueberries and give it all a bloomin’ good mix!

Step 3. Enjoy in the spring sunshine.

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