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English Wine Week

English Wine Week


English Wine Week is the most important week of the year for the flourishing English wine industry – and that includes fabulous fruit wines such as Blue Aurora! This year, EWW falls from 18th – 26th June and gives everyone in the UK (and beyond) the opportunity to discover the very best wines that our little country has to offer. And trust us … there’s a lot.

In honour of English Wine Week, Blue Aurora are offering a 10% discount on all our products for the whole week. Simply head to our online shop and use the code EWW10 to stock up on the whole Blue Aurora range.

We also thought we would take this opportunity to refresh your memory on all things Blue Aurora and give our many new subscribers a little more insight into our wonderful world of blueberry wine. Blue Aurora was born from a desire to reduce wastage at Lutton Farm near Oundle, Northamptonshire. We hit upon the idea of taking the soft and small berries which aren’t suitable for supermarket shelves and transforming them into wine. Our very first wines were made in 2018 and over the last 4 years we have gone from strength to strength with our little family of three delicious blueberry wines.


Dusk is made using exactly the same process as a white wine made from grapes! 1.5kg of fresh blueberries go into each and every bottle, pressed gently to extract all that lovely juice and our signature deep pink colour. The finished wine is bright and beautiful, chock-full of dark berry flavour with crisp acidity balancing a crisp medium dry finish. Fantastic with smoked meat, cheese, and tapas style dishes – try it with lamb and pomegranate seeds.


In a similar vein to Dusk, Midnight is also made using standard winemaking processes – just this time, it’s red wine instead of white. Another 1.5kg of fresh berries are used in each bottle, with the juice and blueberry skins staying in contact for 6 weeks to give a wonderful deep dark colour. Midnight is gloriously full bodied with ripe rich berries on a bed of vanilla notes and a slight warming spice. A long smooth finish concludes with a healthy kick of tannin – just as we would hope from any great red wine. Pair with a hearty meat or pasta dish (we love a midweek ragu!)


Possibly our most beloved Blue Aurora, this deliciously indulgent drop is a sweet wine with a real Blue Aurora difference. The blueberries are picked fresh, frozen post-harvest and then pressed from frozen, concentrating all their colour and flavour into a delicious sweet wine that is perfect with puddings and cheese. If you’re feeling really fabulous you can even add a few drops to a flute of sparkling wine for a decadent cocktail.

No matter what your tastes, there is a Blue Aurora wine for everyone – so don’t forget to make use of your discount during English Wine Week and raise a glass to English blueberry wine!

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