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As April starts to bring with it the promise of better weather, our blueberry bushes begin to flower and it’s time for the yearly arrival of one of our favourite visitors – the bees!

Bumble bees are so vital for pollination of the blueberry bushes that we have our own hives to ensure that there are plenty buzzing about! Interestingly, bumble bees are in fact the most productive type of bee for pollinating the blueberry bushes. This is for two reasons. Firstly, the honey bee is more attracted to certain other kinds of crop such as oilseed rape, and will choose them over our bushes; secondly the shape of the blueberry flower itself is much more accommodating for the bumble bee. They land directly on the flower and vibrate it to get to the pollen, before bumbling off to the next plant and making sure that every bush is getting the vital pollination it needs.

Bees in every shape and form are absolutely vital for the production of English Blueberry Wine, but more importantly to the survival of our ecosystem, and therefore we love seeing them thriving on our farm.

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