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Both the blueberries and Blue Aurora wine from Lutton Farm are growing ever more popular, so we have some very exciting expansion happening at HQ. As our blueberry fields are growing, we thought it would be a great opportunity to get under the skin of these lovely little berries and tell you a little more.

There are two main types of blueberry bushes; hardy Northern varieties which are suitable for growing in the UK climate, and sun-loving Southern kinds which are more suited to warmer climates from the Mediterranean to the Equator. These two varieties are often crossed by breeders to produce better quality blueberry bushes which offer the best of both worlds! These hybrids will typically display many different characteristics, such as earlier flowering, larger fruit, better quality fruit and commonly being evergreen and only shed their leaves in the spring rather than the autumn.

At Lutton Farm we grow a mix of Northern varieties and hybrid varieties, all with an extra helping of love and attention to ensure our fruit is always the best it can possibly be.

Legacy- Southern hybrid variety
Legacy- Southern hybrid variety
Aurora- Northen variety
Aurora- Northern variety
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