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Blueberry picking season is now well underway. Our first crop began harvest on 17th June, with picking likely to continue through to October, with different varieties of blueberry set to ripen at different times to help spread out the harvest.

It has been a slightly challenging start to the season, with struggles to get enough harvest labour (a problem experienced by farms up and down the country) and then of course the drastic heatwave in late July, which put not only our berries at risk from sunburn and softness but also of course put enormous pressure on the pickers in the field. However, in true Blue Aurora style the entire farm team has pulled together with some seriously early starts for some teams and very late finishes for others. This hard work and dedication has helped us to pick 265 tonnes of blueberries so far this season, with many more yet to come through the summer.

July blueberries at Lutton Farm
July blueberries at Lutton Farm
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