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Down at Lutton Farm, the weather so far this year has been reasonably kind (you might that find that hard to believe after so many grey days, but it’s true!). This was of course with the significant exception of the February storms, which raised a few hairs … however, our blueberries managed to escape the worst of it thanks to the dedication of the farm team, who were able to remove the plastic from the tunnels and strengthen the supports to protect our precious bushes.

The team are now working hard to catch up on spring pruning. This involves removing old wood and any dead or diseased branches to make way for younger, more productive branches. This is all done by hand and can be very hard work, so we are certainly earning our evening glass of Blue Aurora at the moment.

So far, our bud development looks good – and where there’s good buds, good fruit tends to follow. We've got our fingers crossed for a fruitful season and are hoping we don't get any pesky April frosts this year!

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