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The Best Blue Aurora Yet?

The Best Blue Aurora Yet?


Our 2020 vintages of Dusk and Midnight are due to be bottled any day now, and from what we’ve tasted we think that this could be our best vintage yet! We roped in our great friend and wine expert, Jess Lamb to lend us her trained pallet and we are thrilled to say she gave our 2020 vintages the seal of approval.

Jess Lamb tasting the latest Blue Aurora

Before you get tasting, we thought we’d share with you some of the secrets behind the production processes that make these Blue Aurora wines so special. The blueberries were handpicked back in September 2020, ensuring that every single berry reaches the winery in perfect condition (Blue Aurora is made in a winery, as the process is just the same as red wine production – just with blueberries instead of grapes!)

The berries are crushed to release all that lovely juice and macerated in a steel tank for 24 hours to impart maximum fruity flavour. Finally, the berry skins are removed (our Midnight wine spends a little extra time in contact with the skins to emphasise that fantastically full-bodied style) and special little yeasts are added to begin the fermentation process which turns the sugar in the juice into alcohol - this process takes roughly six weeks from start to finish. Once the fermentation is finished, the wine is left to mature and develop even more flavour in the tanks before being filtered to remove any leftover fruit solids before the final bottling.

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