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Valentine’s Day also offers us a well-earned chance to partake in indulgence (and we think you all deserve it after making it through another dreary January!) so we’ve put together the ultimate romantic food pairing for each of our brilliant Blue Aurora wines.

Blue Aurora Dusk and indulgent chocolate covered strawberries
What better sweet treat for any time of day or night than a chilled glass of Blue Aurora Dusk and fresh, juicy strawberries dipped in indulgent melted chocolate? No, we can’t think of one either! If you’re feeling extra naughty, substitute the strawberries for a cheeky marshmallow or two.

Blue Aurora Midnight and classic Beef Wellington
Making a proper Beef Wellington may be a culinary challenge for sure, but is there any more meaningful way to show someone that you love them than by creating the perfect pastry wrapped work of art in the kitchen? Deliciously pink beef is a dream pairing with our hearty Blue Aurora Midnight (that’s if you haven’t polished off the whole bottle whilst cooking!)

Blue Aurora Ice wine and gooey chocolate fondant
We absolutely adore a perfectly cooked chocolate fondant with that generous gooey centre and a dusting of icing sugar. A wine needs to be sweet and seductive to stand up to all that flavour, which is why Blue Aurora Ice wine takes this classic Valentine's Day dessert to a whole new level.

If our romantic pairings have got you inspired, our mixed cases are available online for £41.85.

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